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Our School Management is built on the open source Frappe Framework. Its a fully featured product with lots of customization.


Leverage our patented FlareSens™️ technology to manage and offset the fire hazards.

SookshmAI-Powered School Management System

Enhancing Student Learning, Health, and Well-Being in Alignment with National Policy 2020

01Adheres to National Education Policy 2020

Sookshm is designed to align with the National Education Policy 2020 by the Indian government

02Attendance and Timetable Management

The software streamlines attendance tracking and timetable management

03Personalized Learning Plans

Sookshm uses AI-driven data analytics to create personalized learning plans for each student

FlaresensThe Intelligent Fire Safety Solution

Advanced IoT Technology for Proactive Fire Hazard Monitoring and Prevention

The advanced IoT technology behind Flaresens and its ability to proactively monitor fire hazards and risks, provide notification alerts, and ensure compliance with regulations

The customizable dashboards and historical data analysis capabilities are highlighted, as is the software’s scalability and ability to integrate with existing systems.

Real-time Monitoring
Notification Alerts
Scalable Solution

TejoTech InfoservicesInnovative Solutions for a Better Future

We are a small team of independent developers and engineers dedicated to using innovative technology to create positive change. They offer two cutting-edge products: Flaresens, an IoT-enabled fire safety solution, and Sookshm, an AI-powered school management system.

FlaresensAn IoT-enabled fire safety solution that provides real-time monitoring of fire devices

Flaresens is an IoT-enabled fire safety solution that provides real-time monitoring of fire devices, notification alerts to prevent fire hazards, and remote access from anywhere. With device status tracking, historical data analysis, a customizable dashboard, and integration with existing systems, Flaresens is a scalable solution suitable for businesses of all sizes.

SookshmAn AI-powered school management system

Sookshm is an AI-powered school management system that offers personalized learning, nutrition, health, and extra-curricular activities for students. Implemented in accordance with National Policy 2020 by the Indian government, Sookshm provides real-time student performance tracking and analysis, customizable lesson plans, and an automated grading system.

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